Toyota Yaris GR components

Improve the set-up of the powerful Japanese car with DNA Racing kits.
The cornering, handling and precision of the ideal trajectories will be greatly improved both on the road and on the track thanks to our components.

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DNA Racing rear upper adjustable camber suspension arms kit

Price € 549.00
DNA Racing  suspension arms are adjustable giving you the possibility of changing camber angle that will definitely improve the handling of your vehicle. They are fitted with spherical motorsport grade bearings, on one side, and Black 90 shore Powerflex bushes on the other side and the main structure of the arm is realized in aluminum alloy.

DNA Racing Top Mount Kit

Price € 473.00
The top mount is a component that is interposed between the shock and the body of the vehicle. the replacement of the rubber with a ball joint allows to increase the steering precision and a better functioning of the spring-damper. Our kit allows you to adjust the camber angle up to around -3° and to increase caster angle of 1.5° with respect to the original value.

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