Ford Fiesta MkVIII components

The Ford Fiesta MKVIII more thanks to DNA Racing kits becomes even more aggressive. All the kits we produce make the car perfect for corner insertion, fast changes of direction and precision of the ideal trajectories both on the road and on the track.

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DNA Racing Front suspension arms kit

Price € 506.00
These suspension arms kit intended for track day, road and racing applications, have been designed to improve the stiffness and strength of the arms, to decrease weight of the masses on the ground and to eliminate unwanted movement of the wheels, caused by the excessive elasticity of the original silent blocks. 

DNA Racing top mount coilover kit

Price € 390.00
The top mount is interposed between the bumper and the Dome of the body. The replacement of the rubber with a ball joint allows to increase the steering precision and a better functioning of the spring-damper.  This top adjustable top mount kit can be fitted on any type of coil over kits and on standard shocks tipe (big spring type) too. Please select the stem nut thread in the...

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