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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items


  • Suspension and steering

    DNA Racing has devised and created a series of kits to improve the work of the suspension and steering of the 500 Abarth U.S. version. The kits include anti-roll bars, top mounts, uniball bars, suspension arms, tie rods and camber plates.

  • Chassis stiffness

    To improve the handling and steering precision of the 500 Abarth U.S. version, DNA Racing has created a series of components such as the dome bars and the slide bar with relative tie rods.

  • Spacers

    DNA Racing offers a series of spacers for the 500 Abarth U.S. version to increase the track and improve cornering stability.

  • Interior upgrades

    To improve the precision and speed of the shift changes, DNA Racing has developed a quick shift system for 500 Abarth USA Version.